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  5. "Ist es schmutzig?"

"Ist es schmutzig?"

Translation:Is it dirty?

October 17, 2015



What is a good way to remember schmutzig? I'm thinking smudge would help but if someone has a better way please comment!


You've never heard a Jewish person say, "you've got a little schmutz on you there..."?


Haha I was just about to say the same thing. :D


no actually , but that's really cute hehehe

[deactivated user]

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    Wait, isn't schmutz dirt? why would that be a Jewish specific thing?


    Since many Jewish communities around the world used to speak or still are speaking Yiddish, which is a Germanic language and one of the closest to German, many words in German penetrated to their everyday language. that's true for Jewish English-speakers in words like "mench" and "shmutz" as much as it is true for Hebrew speakers (which is from a completely different language family) in words like:טרמפ-"tremp" < trampen, ביס-"Bis" < bischen (a bite), קנטים - "Kantim" < kante , צימר - "zimmer" (as in a resort rooms for rent), שלוק-"shluk" (a sip) and many more.


    I remember it through 'smut' because they come from the same word. Except schmutzig starts with sch- instead of just an s- and has a -zig at the end.


    The substring "mut" in the word can refer to "mud," which is "dirty."


    Think of the word smut as in pornography or a dirty book. People often refer to such filth as SMUT!


    Can this also have the connotation of something being inappropriate the way it does in English?


    How is the g pronounced here


    Depends on what region you are in. For example, I pronounce the 'G' like a K but others pronounce it like the ch in 'ich'. Just choose whatever you like best. :)


    As "ch" in "ich".


    Translation "Is this dirty?" was rejected. Aren't they the same thing? I imagine you can ask about an object, and you can use this/that/is, depending also on gesture and position relative to the object you are referring to.


    The program wants you to take the best and closest translation. Although in the same context 'this' and 'it' would often be interchangeable, the specific sentence it wants you to translate here uses the word 'it', and it's judging whether you can understand the nuances of the sentence (to some degree)


    Well another way to remember the German meaning of dirty is to think of the word SMUT! We often refer to pornography or other dirty books as SMUT.


    can i use in a sexual way?


    Ist es schmutzig is Is it dirty not it is dirty. Be careful


    I think it says ist das schmutzig not ist es schmutzig

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