"Bu raporun beşinci sayfasını okuyorum."

Translation:I am reading the fifth page of this report.

October 17, 2015

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Just to clarify(so please correct me):

--the '-un' on rapor is genitive, used for possession.

--the '-sı' on sayfa is the possessive suffix.

--the '-nı' on sayfası is accusative.


is there accusitive there because that is the object, that is what you are reading??


I think you're right but something is missing. Not any (direct) object is in accusative case in Turkish.
In addition there must be a 'specification' of this direct object. In this case it is 'beşinci'.


The -un suffix in the word raporun doesn't indicate the 2nd person singular i think. But if yes then in which person is this??


Wait, why is it -nı and not -yı?


this should be a lesson all by it self


all of those suffixes have specific lessons, you need to learn how to add them together. if we had to make a lesson for each combination, we would probably have millions of lessons


Please make millions of lessons! I would do them all!


I completely join you! :)


I won't :-)


Yep! I have been close to finishing this course since almost six months but I am loath to finish it. I do enjoy doing my turkish lessons so much. I have been practicing and practicing and left the last few lessons for special times so I can extend the course as much as possible. I wish the admins would take pity and add a few lessons more. That would be such a wonderful gift for us students of the language

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