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I am very confused with "til å"

Hello there. I've been learning Norwegian for 4 months, and I'm enjoying every moment of it, but lately I've been having trouble understand the "til å".

For example: Jeg er vant til å se chatten aktiv.

From my understanding, it just means to, but my question is, does the sentence changes its meaning if it's written without til, and if so, how and when do I use it?

Thanks for reading.

October 17, 2015



In the sentence structure you mention Norwegian doesn't use the -ing form but the infinitive form. So while you'd translate it to "I'm used to seing", the Norwegian structure is "I'm used to to see". Of course it makes things extra confusing that English has the same spelling for both "til" and the infinitive mark "å".


I am not sure I fully understand your question, but I think being used to (å være vant til) can be written either "Jeg er vant med å se chatten aktiv" or (more usual perhaps) "Jeg er vant til å se chatten aktiv" without any difference in meaning. It would not be correct to omit the "til" since the expression is "å være vant til". In the same way you have "to get used to" which is "å bli vant med/til".


Thanks for answering, I believe that I understood it now!

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