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Dutch from The Netherlands is not Flemish from Belgium


I'm from the Flemish part of Belgium and my girlfriend is from Porto, Portugal. We both wanted to get to know each other's language and found duoLingo to be a fantastic solution and app for when we're not together.

But after a while, it's clear to us that I'm learning Brazilian Portuguese and she is learning Dutch from The Netherlands, not Flemish from Belgium. This issue is not totally making the experience worthless, but it's discouraging to realise we're not really speaking each other's language after so much practice.

No matter what people say, Flemish from Belgium is not Dutch from The Netherlands and Portuguese from Brazil is not Portuguese from Portugal. We can all understand each other, yes, but pronunciation, accent, conjugation of verbs, building of sentences, polite ways of expressing yourself, typical expressions and sayings - in short: the language - are very different in those so called "same language" countries.

We hope duoLingo will soon make courses available for Flemish and Portuguese from Portugal, so my girlfriend and I (and many others with us, I'm sure) can further enjoy this otherwise absolutely fantastic app.

I hope our message is heard.

Sincerely, Alexander Belgium

2 years ago