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"Alberto está cocinando el arroz."

Translation:Alberto is cooking the rice.

October 17, 2015



Why is the article necessary in this sentence? Couldn't it be "Alberto is cooking rice"?


Why not Albert when Peter is accepted for Pedro?


Why change the names at all? My name is Ronald, both in the USA and Mexico -- never Ronaldo. I realize that Pedro/Peter are cognates, but we don't "translate" names when we cross international borders, and I don't know why Duo lets us do it -- sometimes. ;)


I like to "translate" my name to the languages i study.. it sounds nice, and it gives me a feeling of getting closer to that language and the people who speak it :)


I don't know why it can't be Alberto is cooking rice.


I accidentally put, Alberto is the rice. Xd


None of these are gerunds. A gerund is when a present progressive verb is used as a noun, e.g.: "my WRITING is good," "the hurricane caused a WEAKENING in the structure." In a phrase such as "I'm watching television," WATCHING is not a gerund.

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