Alguien puede decirme para qué sirven los bonos obtenidos con cada secuencia de preguntas?

May 28, 2012

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Esto dicen en Internet: Check and bill should be interchangeable. The important part is to a have fully qualified sentence, e.g. "Can I have the bill/cheque please" or "May I have the..." or "Could I have the..." In American English, in a restaurant context, "check" is more common than "bill"; if your server is across the room and you want to discreetly signal for the check (without shouting across the restaurant), you can make a ✔ (check mark) gesture in the air with your index finger. I can't guarantee it will be universally understood, but it has very wide acceptance in American restaurants, and even if it's not understood it won't be considered rude.

Perdón me he confundido de pregunta y no puedo borrar

ahhh jajaja ya me parecia, con razon no se entendia nada

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