Let's talk!

Gostaria de conversar em inglês, preciso praticar um pouco. I would like to talk in English, I need to practice a little.

October 18, 2015

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Well, I don't know If I can recommend other app here, but there are apps and sites that you can find someone to practice, but It's hard to find someone really interested in helping you. I used to practice in Sharedtalk, however, the site is no longer working. Anyway, I wish luck on your studies and congratulations for your efforts.

I really need to practice, but I don't find someone to talk. Anyway, I'll be searching other apps or sites for to practice, thanks for helping João. ;)

You're welcome. The app is called Hellotalk. I think you know it. In general, websites are paid but my cousin told me about The Mixxer.

I liked the app Hello Talk , but my cellphone has system Windows Phone and it doesn't has this app. Dammit! :/ Anyway, the website The Mixxer can help, thanks! ;)

You're welcome. What is your level in English? Practice helps a lot to improve our English. It would be great if Duolingo had a part to chat with whom you follow.

My English level is intermediate. It would be really great, it'll ease the dialogue between everybody and we would practice more.

Hello! I want it too...

Hi! Well, we are here! How are you Max? What is your English level? Do you have fluency?

Hi! I'm learning by Duolingo and by myself. I have a intermediate English... I'm here for learn more and to practice.

Hmm, that's great! I also want to learn more and to practice, but so... Do you are learning because you like or something specific?

Well... I'm learning first because I like the language. Also to find a good job. I'm a Administration student...

Coincidence, I'm also a Administration student. So.. later we talk more, now I'll to sleep. Good night!

See you later. Good night!

how are you? :) Sorry, my ingles is horrible yet xD

I'm great, and you? My english also doesn't is nice haha How old are you?

you english is great the write, hehehe i is twenty eight old and you? where are you? :) kiss :)

Thanks! I'm 20. I'm from Fortaleza, and you? Kiss ;*

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