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"Kaybettiğim saat çok güzeldi."

Translation:The watch that I lost was very beautiful.

October 18, 2015



I was reading this more poetically as "the hour I lost..." Is there a different way to say that?


hmm I guess that's not necessarily wrong :) And no there is no other way to say it


Especially if it is Daylight Savings Time :D


You could say "Kaybettiğim zaman" for that poetic effect


For some reason I was thinking saat was generic "time" and I was wondering if this was some X-Files-type stuff


my lost watch was very beautiful



"Kayıp saatim çok güzeldi. " is the correct translation for what you say.


I thought that -DIk words couldn't be used in the subject of a sentence?


So I got there too, and tried to translate as "It was very nice that I lost an hour". Would that sentence just shuffle words around? "bir saat kaybettigim cok guzeldi"?


Saat is the subject of the sentence. Kaybettiğim is the relative clause, used here as adjective of saat.


The watch that I have lost is very beautiful. Is that wrong?


"Güzeldi" is past tense but you used present tense "is beautiful".


my lost watch was very beautiful why the answer is nor right??


This construction has to be translated as a relative clause. That is explained in Tips and Notes. Your sentence would be "Kayıp saatim çok güzeldi" as commented above.


What's the difference between saat and izlemek when talking about a watch?


What's the difference between saat and izlemek when talking about a watch?

saat is a noun: a clock or a watch.

izlemek is a verb: to watch something.


Please add tips for the turkish lessons thank you


The verb is first in this sentence, and not at the end. I was expecting, "Saat çok güzeldi kaybettigim."


In this sentence, "güzeldi" is the verb. So the verb actually at the end. "Kaybetttiğim" works similar to an adjective here, and must be used just before the noun (saat).


"kaybettigi cuzdani" in "almanya'da kaybettigi cuzdani alman polisi bulmak zorunda" versus "kaybettigim saat cok guzeldi" in this sentence. Can someone explain to me why there is an "i" at the end of "cuzdani" and none at the end of "saat"? Thank you

Edit: i got it now: in the first sentence "almanya'da kaygettigi cuzdani alman polis bulmak zorunda" cuzdani has an i ( accusative form) because it's the object: alman polis will have to find what: THE wallet, hence the use of the accusative for cuzdan. In the second sentence "kaybettigim saat cok guzeldi", Kaybettigim saat is the subject: what was very beautiful: the watch, hence the nominative form. Please if i am wrong, can someone correct me. Thank you

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