"Die Geschenke sind am Nordpol."

Translation:The gifts are at the North Pole.

October 18, 2015

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My last sentence with the German tree. It's been a long ride folks.


Ich auch. Dies war mein letzter Satz. Naja, es hat viel SpaƟ gemacht.


Santa claus have the presents,ho ho ho __ | | '''''


Fun to do this one on Christmas Day!


In and not on?


Neither - at.


'In' is correct too - accepted by Duo and confirmed by my British friend


But Duolingo is teaching American English, so I would suggest using at.


Why not gifts? The american English seems to be very strange to me


Why not gifts?

There are accepted translation that include the word "gifts".

What was your entire answer?

Even better: do you have a screenshot?


Typically presents is used when spesking to children. It has a connotation of the magic and mystery of a closed box for birthday and Christmas. Gifts are not only given at any occasion, but are given for no reason at all sometimes.

Also there is no connotation of mystery about a gift. It just carries the connotation thatyou are being given more stuff, with less of the excitement that comes with the innocence of childhood.

To understand the difference, think of how you would feel getting a bike, as compared to getting your first bike. We often use present when speaking to a child because we are being a bit more formal in the gifting of something to this innocent child who we expect to be very excited. Presents are a big deal to children. Adults, not as much excitement as gratitude.


so I thought I was goig to get through a complete section (The World) without having a "WHAT!" moment, silly me of course!

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