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  5. "Sou um homem."

"Sou um homem."

Translation:I am a man.

January 6, 2013

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Is "eu" not necessary when the verb is the correct conjugation?


Yes, the verb conjugation lets you know who is being talked about. It is more common to say, "Sou um homem." When you include the pronoun (I, he, she, they), it serves as emphasis.


"Eu sou um homem" and "sou um homem" are correct and don't sound strange any of these ways of speaking here. Whatever.


Like saying "Yo soy un hombre" or "Soy un hombre" which is "I am a man" in Spanish. Both are correct but without "Eu" is informal. The latter is simpler tho.


That's the advantage of a lot of conjugations! You can easily know what person is refered to thanks to the verb. But there are some exceptions (Third person), be careful.


I only just started learning Portuguese like ... three minutes ago so apologies for the silly question! But how is "homem" actually pronounced? The recording makes it sound a bit like "wah-mee", is that correct?


I think it's something like: "Om-men".


As you noticed the pronoun "eu" is missing, it is because the pronoun can be hidden in non-formal conversations, it is a characteristic of the portuguese language. You know what pronoun is hidden by the conjugation of the verb, in this case the verb "to be" is in first person "-Eu- Sou um homem." Aways remember this. I am Brazilian and I can explain if you need help with portuguese :]


Is the pronunciation correct? It sounds like sumomi phonetically.


the word SOU is pronunced like the word SO in english. So you say: SOomi


That audio is too fast, the pronunciation is like "so oom omehn". Hope i could be clear for you and others.

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