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Feature Request - Better Offline Mode

I use Duolingo a lot on the train to work where phone coverage is non-existent, and sometimes on planes. Offline mode seems to only cache the next 2 lesson sets, and once you've worked through those you can't go back and practice anything old, or even the lessons you just completed. It would be great if the app included advanced settings for choosing how much content to cache locally for use offline.

October 18, 2015


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Agreed, there are many situations in which this would be useful. In particular, long flights are excruciatingly painful without Duolingo.


I thought that, but then I wonder how much memory it would take and if most of the devices that that run the apps would have enough memory to do so.


Even if the whole course is few gigabytes (I highly doubt that average course even breaks 1GB barrier) it would be nice to have that option. With modern phones sporting 64 and 128gb storage capacities it wouldn't even make a dent. Even with 16gb phone or tablet you could rearrange your apps to make room for one duo course if othe offline mode is crucial to you. Ideally, they would let you download specific lessons or sections to keep for offline practice. I don't think it's a technical issue rather it is designed specifically to be connected to Internet all the time.


You're lucky. I would often get the Duolingo app to download three courses, but it would usually download the WRONG courses. E.g., if I needed lessons 2, 3, and 4, the app would often download 2, 4 and 5. This is annoying because the app won't let you try lesson 4 until lesson 3 is done and I couldn't do lesson 3 online because it downloaded lesson 4 instead.

Of course, now that I've finished the Esperanto tree and need to do Strengthening exercises only, offline work doesn't work at all...


I agree with this. A lingot for you :)


I just switched over to Duolingo from Memrise recently to try something new, and was happy to learn it had an offline mode. However in practice, the "offline" is just a few minutes of lessons that are used up really quickly. I work on a ship at sea, and am only in my home port about once every 10 days. I have my pace set to the highest level of daily learning, and all of my "offline" stuff was done before the first day out on the water. I can't even go back and practice the stuff I've done, as it's all locked and requiring an internet connection. I have some Pimsleur audio lessons on mp3 that I can use, but not having true offline totally derails the purpose of even using Duolingo. I have 128 gb of storage space on my phone, so I don't see why I can't set the amount of storage I dedicate to saving the offline lessons like i do with my offline maps. Please give us the option to control how much offline content we can save!


I don't know, whether it would possible to get skill strengthening in offline mode, since this one highly relies on the (online) learning algorithms, but it should definitely be possible to download a standard lecture for each missing skill. Variation wouldn't be as good as in online mode, but who cares.

And yes, I would like to be able to control that, too! (There probably will occur problems with your streak, but that shouldn't be that important)


This feature please!

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