"Today everything is failing."

Translation:I dag mislykkes alt.

October 18, 2015

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Why "I dag" should be in the beginning of this sentence, i.e. this answer is not accepted: "Alt mislykkes i dag"?


DL likes translations to be as close to the original as possible


Yes, but is my option grammatically correct, and is there any difference between it and the correct option?


You version is also correct.

The only difference might be someone's interpretation of where the emphasis lies. E.g. you start the sentence with Everything, so the emphasis is on the fact that it's not just some things that have gone wrong today, but literally all things. The DL sentence places a bit more emphasis on the time, so it might be interpreted more like 'yeah, everything's gone wrong today, but it wasn't like this yesterday/it won't be like this every day'.


Takk! I submitted my answer to moderators, so maybe it'll be added to the list of acceptable ones.


It's should now be accepted.


Along with Comeoutcomeout's reply which is true, I believe this is also made to teach you the Norwegian structure that's a bit different from English English: today everything is failing Literal translation: i dag alt mislykkes Norwegian: i dag mislykkes alt Some words make it so the word order is changing just a bit, you'll still be understood either way but it sounds a bit off so it's better to learn that aspect of the language


"I dag går alt galt" is another possible translation, and sounds far more natural to me.


that sounds more like "today everything is going wrong"


How would I know the correct word order of mislykkes and alt, as I dag alt mislykkes is considered wrong.


It's yet another example of the V2 rule. "I dag" is the first portion of the sentence, so the verb must come second after it.


Is it just as natural to say "allting" instead of "alt" in a common conversation with a norwegian?


You will hear "alt" far more frequently, not surprising as it's the shorter option, but "allting" would not sound out of place in a sentence like the above.


Fair enough. Thanks for the answer ^^


Bare hyggelig!

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