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Finally Finished My Danish Tree!

Well folks it's been quite some time (since January to be precise), but last night I finally conquered the Danish tree. The course contributors did an INCREDIBLE job with the Danish course and I've really enjoyed learning Danish over the past months. I especially like that the sentences are so much fun instead of the usual boring standbys. Some of my favourites are "When did the fox say that he would drink wine today?", "Tomorrow we will destroy the badger's house.", and the numerous sentences about bears doing unnatural things. Everything was incredibly through and presented in a way that made things easy to understand.

Thank you Team Danish!!

October 18, 2015



Congratulations ! I finished the tree today too ! I began when the course was out, in August 2014... And lost my streak only once because miscalculating the end of the day...


Awesome! Congratulations! Feels good doesn't it? (:


Thanks ! Yeah i was looking forward to it :)


Tillykke! :D I'm really enjoying learning Danish too. The creative sentences in the course make reviewing so much fun.


Tillykke! I'm going much slower, two weeks ago I passed the last checkpoint and I started the course in November :) But now I'm also taking danish classes, so I'm improving my actual danish knowledge and ability to speak and write much faster. Hoping I'll be done by February/March!


Good job! I am level 12 and not even passed the last chekpoint


Tillykke! Well done!


i found it funny and interesting as wel, yet some of them i found them quite sexist......do you agree?


I did notice sometimes women were put into boring stereotypical roles. And, there was a bit of attitude and playfulness regarding gender roles that I liked, like the boy wearing the dress.


well, im referring more to phrases as " he works while she sleeps" or my favourite " she cannot drive", also a recurrent one : "she cooks while he works all day"


I am wondering here whether you completed the tree at a somewhat different time from me. I never got the sentence "she cooks while he works all day." You are right. That is about as gender stereotyped as you can get. But I never saw it.


I suppose I did see a few sentences that could be considered mildly sexist, although as IanEvison said I also liked the playfulness regarding gender roles as well. They would have had to come up with so many sentences, so the few sentences that may be a bit gender-stereotyped so to speak are most likely just coincidental.


I trust our very wonderful Danish team is lurking and will "hear" the nudge. Make that woman doing the cooking into the executive chef of the Hotel d'Angleterre in Copenhagen and all will be forgiven!

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