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  5. "I eat the bread."

"I eat the bread."

Translation:Ben ekmeği yerim.

October 18, 2015



When i say " i eat the bread" in turkish can i say "ben ekmek yerim"?


Miss said "no" without an explanation. The word "ekmek" has trans - mutated to "ekmeği. " Ekmek - nominative case. Ekmeği - accusative case. k --> ğ. Please can a contributor check my answer. To all fluent English language users: Please can you simplify in friendly English these two words. Nominative & Accusative. At the moment I hate these words & ambiguous definitions in Dictionary .com Thank you.

EDITED - (23/10/2019)

Selcen_Ozturk (miss)

Thank you very much for your valuable contribution, comments & Turkish grammar explanations that I have read on almost every topic. You are a (deactivated) MOD but greatly missed.

Geri dön geri dön, ne olur geri dön. Uzanıp tutuver elimi bir gün. Utanır diyemem ne olur geri dön?


Thats right every word on duolingo is WRONG for Turkish


No ! " Ben ekmek yerim " means " I eat bread" not "I eat the bread"


Duolingo is showing the nominative. It's wrong


It's true translate but this site liar !


"Learn turkish" theys said.. "It'l be fun" they said........... :-D :-D Im in fourth level and it seems that Imlike Alice in the wonderland.. :-D This language is challenge, but beuatiful in its complicated way.. :-)


It's important to read tips and notes before start doing exercises. Good luck for all of us


What's happening here? Why all the words that had K at the end shifted to ğ ? Ekmek went to ekmeği Yemek shifted to Yemeği ?


Why i cant say :Ben ekmek yerım : ?


That is I eat bread not I eat the bread You are not specifying which one


Because that would mean "I eat bread" while they have asked for the translation of "I eat THE bread"


I typed 'Ekmeği yerim' without the Ben and it was marked as wrong. Can anyone tell me why?


"I eat the bread." Translation: Ben ekmeği yerim.

Hello Quolh

You did not have a subject & your answer should still be correct?

"Ekmeği yerim." - I eat the bread. Your answer is correct both grammatically & in word order.

Ekmeği yerim. Yerim - "I eat"

(Noun) - ekmeği - (accusative)

(Accusative) - singular of ekmek. Third-person singular possessive of ekmek.


"I eat the bread." Translation: Ben ekmeği yerim.

Other example:

"They eat the bread" - Onlar ekmeği yer. (Yerler) No -ler suffix required.

In this example the plural pronoun acts as third person verb conjugation. "Yer" - eats. Not - yerim - "I eat."

Your answer as previously stated is correct.


Teşekkürler. :-)


How do we pronounce the ğ ? And do we pronounce v as w ?


Stupid cant add symbols under letterd

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