"Nosotras podemos iniciar los estudios."

Translation:We can begin the studies.

January 6, 2013



The english makes no sense. In English, you would say "We can begin our studies" or "We can begin to study."

January 6, 2013


If you are talking about some particular studies you have been waiting to begin after being approved by the ethics committee I can imagine saying the phrase "Bring out the patients, we can begin the studies".

February 19, 2013


I wrote:

"We can begin studies."

It was marked wrong.

Should it be accepted?

January 28, 2015


I see what you are getting at but in my head that just doesnt work gramatically unless studies is used as a form of slang

May 17, 2018


Sounds strange to me. We can begin "the" studies sounds better.

March 12, 2016


also "we can start studying" and "we can start studies"

January 15, 2014


"We can start studying" is grammatically correct, but "we can start studies" does not make sense in English :)

November 18, 2014


I agree. "We can begin the study." makes sense, but it's wrong.

January 16, 2016


A lot of things must get started in the Spanish-speaking world. So far DL has taught us four ways to say, "begin" - comenzar, empezar, ponerse + a + infinitive, and now "iniciar." What's the best word for "finished"?

August 13, 2013


Same thing could be said about English. :) Begin, start, commence, initiate, instigate, launch... I suppose all languages have synonyms for 'most every word.

I don't know enough to know what the "best word" for finished would be, it probably depends on context at least sometimes. But terminar, completar, finalizar, and concluir are some ways to say finish.

September 26, 2013


I heard from a Mexican girl in Chile that she's having to stop herself from using terminar as it apparently has other connotations here - especially if you're very excited at having finished something!

January 4, 2014


the gender differs as between the normal speed and the slower one

January 28, 2019

  • 1212

Yes, at normal speed it's nosotras, while nosotros in the 'turtle' mode

February 5, 2019


Yes, There is a discrepancy between the two sound files! When listening to the slow file, Nosotras gender switches to Nosotros. Translating should not necessitate a coin toss. Reported

April 5, 2019


Hey there—is may an acceptable translation for "poder" in the present?

Duo lists it on the dictionary hints, and for those familiar with French, "pouvoir" is used for both meanings; but about Spanish I'm not so sure.

June 27, 2014


Could also be translated "We can begin the classes" or

April 3, 2013


Podemos iniciar las clases.

May 22, 2013


I would really report this but the only option offered is that the SPANISH sentence is unnatural. As mentioned below, 'we can begin the studies' is very poor English except in very very peculiar circumstances, and 'We can begin our studies' does need to be added to the possible answers.

November 19, 2017


Why can't i put. We can start the lessons?.

March 19, 2019


"Lesson", a single unit of studying, is better translated as lección or clase.

March 19, 2019


I bypassed the issues concerning "the studies" translation with using "the studios". It was accepted. :-D

August 4, 2019
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