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Je le lui ai dit VS Elle me l'a dit

<h1>« Je le lui ai dit »</h1> <h1>vs</h1> <h1>« Elle me l'a dit »</h1>

I don't understand why the seemingly same sentences (just different pronouns) have a different word order...

  • Je le lui ai dit: subject pronoun + direct object + indirect object pronoun + auxiliary + past participle

  • Elle me l'a dit: subject pronoun + indirect object pronoun + direct object + auxiliary + past participle

Why is the order different? :'(

October 18, 2015



In French, there is an order you use when there is more than one object pronoun: me/te/se/nous/vous + la/le/les + lui/leur + y + en. In your first sentence, le must come before lui, and in the second sentence me must come before l'.


Try to remember like this: every indirect object pronoun, except the third person pronouns, come before the direct object. Third person indirect object pronouns "lui, leur" come after the direct object. :)

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