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Norwegian books for beginners

Hi guys,

There is a series of english books for learners from Penguin Readers. I wonder if there is something similar for Norwegian learners. The concept of these books are levels (1 to 5 I think) where each of them has maximum amount of words used like 1 lvl = 300 words, 2 lvl = 600 words and so on. Most often there are simplified versions of some well known novels or simply popular movies in a form of book.

Thanks in advance.


October 18, 2015


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I can't say that I know of a similar book series in Norwegian, though there are several easy-to-read series for children.

The Boksøk website lists quite some literature that is aimed at language learners, children and young adults, as well as books suitable for adults with reading difficulties. It might be a good place to start looking for reading material. :)


Someone recommended The Mystery of Nils in another thread. So I went and bought it and have been really enjoying it. The first book teaches you a whole bunch of grammar in addition to a story in Norwegian. The second book is entirely in Norwegian. http://www.skapago.eu/nils/


I have the Mystery of Nils too, so far it's been really good.


So there is the part 1 (https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/product/3945174007/ref=ox_sc_act_title_1?smid=A3P5ROKL5A1OLEpsc=1) and the part 2 (https://www.amazon.co.uk/dp/3945174031/ref=pd_luc_rh_bxgy_01_02_t_img_lh?_encoding=UTF8psc=1) entirely in Norwegian? Is the second link correct? I am not sure because there is nothing which would mean that it is the second part UPD: yes, that's right, this is the part 2


Buy "Reading Norwegian" (available used) by the late, great Einar Haugen. It gives an excellent basis for reading colloquial texts plus some literature.


List of Norwegian Resources, Music, & More https://www.duolingo.com/comment/9816578


I know that some colleges use the book "Naiv Super" starting at the intermediate level. It's apparently a fairly simply written novel. There is a version with an English gloss below.



It is indeed easy to read.


There's a Minnesota company called Nelsbook Publishing (https://nelsbok.com/publications/) which has so far published two Norwegian novels that include English vocabulary down one side of the page: Naiv Super and Jernvognen (the Norsk-Engelsk Lesebok series).

Print copies of the latter are harder to get than the former, but I'm told that both are now available on Amazon on demand.

I'd recommend Naiv Super for anyone who is around B1-B2 level; in fact, I think extracts of this book are often used in coursework (I've seen extracts in Mystery of Nils Part 2 and in Stein Pa Stein).


I went to my local library and asked for any books written in Norwegian; they found me two simple love stories for adults, and a book called Dukker i fare (dolls in danger) by E W Hildick. It is written for about 8/9 years olds. You could try your local library! see what they have or will get for you?

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