"Lui presenta la donna."

Traduzione:He presents the woman.

November 13, 2013

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Qualcuno può spiegarmi perchè "introduce" non vuole la S?


"He introduces the woman." Ci vuole la S.


Io ho messo presents e lo prende


Hallo everyone but the translation " He's presenting the woman" it's wrong? And if yes Why? Thanks a lot at Who explains this. See you soon


Presentare in inglese è introduce non present! Ho visto che a volte sbaglia il programma anche se te lo da per buono


Non dovrebbe essere "He introduce the woman"


Is this an Italian lesson or English one?

I was just wondering what the English verb "presents" mean in this sentence. or the Italian verb "presenta" or "fare un regalo"?

Whenever I hear "present", it always reminds me of a present or gift, something you give to someone else. "Giving a present" can also be expressed by using one verb "present".

Now, back to the English sentence above, I thought, oh, he is giving the woman as a present or gift. OMG!!

I do not know for sure about the Italian "presenta". I mean, Does this Italian verb supposed to have one of the similar meanings as in English?

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