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"The pupils had gone to school."

Translation:Elevene hadde gått til skolen.

October 18, 2015



wait.. last time it was på skolen and now it's til skolen... i need an explanation for this... pretty please?


If I substitute elevene (the pupils) with something more general it's easier to construct some examples.

Damene hadde gått til skolen - The ladies had gone to (get to the) school. They might not be pupils, but they are going over to the school attend something there. And 2: The ladies had walked to school. As opposed to taking the bus or drive...

Damene hadde gått på skolen - The ladies had attended school. They used to be pupils.


Gått is walked, that is why I thought it had to be kommet. If you go to school you could be driving, right?


Why isn't 'bort(e)' accepted?

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