Hola Chicos miren estan interesados en practicar Quién para practicar?

November 13, 2013

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Hi JeimyBere, I'm interesting into the practice english with you. I am from Barranquilla (Colombia) and I work at Gecolsa CAT (General Equipos de Colombia). Actually I'm doing my career practices for six month. I started on november 5 of this year. I am twenty one years old and I am an Industrial engineer. Tell me about you

Ok Nice to meet you OK I will tell you some lityle things about me.. For example I love the music My favorite band are THE BEATLES I really love them. Ok

Ohh yeah! I love music too. My favorite band is Hillsong United from States. I have so much time I didn´t enter on duolingo. I will start to studuy agaen.

Hola, les recomiendo que se unan a esta comunidad en Google+ creada por otro miembro de la comunidad de Duolingo. ¡Saludos!

hola como estan nececito practicar otros idiomas q no sea inglesssssssss

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