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  5. "- Як справи? - Так собі."

"- Як справи? - Так собі."

Translation:- How are you? - So so.

October 18, 2015



In the context I mentioned above, the phrase so-so has an emotive meaning of 'it was average, but I was disappointed because I was expecting more'.


Literal translation?


I don't really understand what "so so" is supposed to mean. I assume it means something like "not especially good or bad" but I don't know how you would say this in English. Anyone can help?


I too do not use "so so" in English (native speaker). In fact, I learnt the meaning of the word when learning Italian. I have noticed that it just seems to be a common word in second language learning


Might be a British thing ...


No, it is common in America as well.


I don't think I ever heard it while living on the west coast for 7 years and in 15 years on the east coast. So it's definitely not common...


I live in California. We do hear it. We probably did not travel in the same circles. The expression has even appeared on TV. Yes, I doubt that you would hear it in New England. I have a feeling that more people there would be among those that say fine most of the time. As in How are you? Fine. move the conversation away from the personal. It is part of a greeting, back and forth or do you really answer the personal question? For some people they say they are well or not well and are done with it. There is even a rap song titled So So by B.o.B. I would have posted a link, but the language is not appropriate for a family site like this. very explicit. I did not live in downtown L.A. or Oakland. I lived in the suburbs, but growing up, I heard other kids use it all the time. To say it is a word for second language learners would be wrong. It is an informal word, but it is listed in both American and British dictionaries. It has been around since the 1520's. and yet appears in a modern song. http://www.etymonline.com/index.php?allowed_in_frame=0=so-so


In use in the mid-west USA 2019, usually by older people meaning, "Life could be better, or could be worse. Some days are better than other days."


You are correct. "So so" in English is similar to "okay". Not really good or bad - just okay


I'm fine. (Ie, fine == tolerable = neither good or bad == so-so


"So so" is not as good as "fine". It is right in the middle between good and bad. There are people who will just say fine, no matter how they feel. Others will actually tell you how they feel, "Great!", "Very well", "Fine" or "Good" or "Well", "So so", "Not so good", "Not well" or "Poorly" or "Badly", "Awful" or "Dreadful" or you name it. There are many adjectives and adverbs to choose from. Also, some people will give some indication, but will upgrade. Those people could be having the worst day of their lives, but won't go lower than "so so" or things could be "so so" and they will say "fine", things could be good and they will say "great".


For everyone who gets confused 'So-so', also '50/50', means 'Not bad, but I was expecting more' But 'Так собi' is more like 'Not really good'


Maybe How are you? Not so good


I'm learning Russian also and it says in that course that you don't say как дела? (how are you?) to a Russian as a polite greeting like you do in English. Is it the same for the Ukrainian "Як справи?" or do Russians and Ukrainians differ in this aspect of culture.


Yes, in Ukrainian just "Як справи" is not a standard greeting also.


I think 'Okay' should be accepted as well as 'so so' . I've only very rarely heard 'so so' in Scotland.


It seems there are different uses of the phrase so so in English. In my experience, I don't recall having heard it used as a reply to how are you? It is commonly used when asking about an event: for instance; What was the film like?; How did the performance go? What did you think of the meal? So-so.


"так собі" як "нормально" на русской мове?


"Так собi" на русском "Так себе"


I hear it often in the US. It means average or :/


i can't hear what she says too quiet


I think "So so" have the same meaning of german "So lala"

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