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Is there a rule for the gender in Norwegian ?

There are three genders in Norwegian : Et (N) , Ei (F) , En (M) . I wonder is there a rule for them like in Spanish ( Un (M) , Una (F) ) . Can anyone tell me about it in a non-confusing way ?

Ha en god dag og tusen takk .

October 18, 2015



All feminine nouns can be treated as masculine, but not the other way around. The majority of words are masculine. Nouns for types of people or animals are usually M/F eg. "en vaktmester" - "a janitor", "en flodhest" - " a hippo". Combined nouns like "skuespiller" - "actor" have the same gender as the last word in the combination, we have "en skuespiller", where "en spiller" - "a player" decides the gender ("et skue" - "a sight").


Certain endings coincide with certain genders, and you'll notice those more often the more you learn. In general, though, there's no real way of predicting a noun's gender before being exposed to the word.

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