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  5. "Annem Türkçe bilmiyor."

"Annem Türkçe bilmiyor."

Translation:My mother does not know Turkish.

October 18, 2015



I wrote "My mother does not understand Turkish". I know that anlamak means understand, but bilmek doesn't mean speak either, so wouldn't my translation be correct as well?


Nope, you would have to use "anlamak." biliyor/bilmiyor are just used in the same sense as "to speak" when it comes to ones ability in a language :)


...bil...aBil+ity, good mnemonic exercize


why not annem turkceyi bilmiyor?


Someone explained it somewhere else but I can't find it right now. Basically, names of languages work a little bit unusually. The -ce, -ca, -çe, -ça suffix is originally an adverb suffix, so türkçe kind of literally means "in the manner of the Turks". Türkçe konuşuyorum essentially means "I'm speaking like Turks do" and it's come to be used as the name of the language and is used as a noun, but it still keeps this little bit of ambiguity of word class. So essentially, names of languages don't tend to take case endings as often as you'd expect them to.

I'm sure someone can explain it better, but since no one has answered until now, I thought I'd jump in ...



Hello & two years has elapsed since you posted your topic comment. I think it deserves another ^ & one lingot.

Amazing explanation by the way. Totally plausible.



"Annem Türkçe bilmiyor." Translation: My mother does not know Turkish.

Duo has evolved as this question & answer is accurate.

"My mother does not speak Turkish." - Annem Türkçe konuşmuyor.

Four months ago there was much debate over the accuracy of Duo's question & this has now been remedied.


Why not 'is ' but 'does' ?


Why "is not speaking" is wrong? I thought "x-yor-x" -> "x-ing".


You would have to use the verb "to speak" in that case.

"bilmek" is to know, but in English, we more commonly say "I do not speak X language"

In that case, the verb would have to be "konuşmuyorum"

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