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"I work a lot."

Translation:Ik werk veel.

2 years ago



Because I in Dutch is not "plural"... So it's veel!! That's very simple.

1 year ago

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That reasoning is inaccurate. It's "We werken veel" as well. Only the adjective form has both "veel" and "vele", and the "-e" form of Dutch adjectives doesn't mark the plural, instead marking masculine and feminine but not neuter. Some other Germanic languages like Norwegian do mark plural adjectives with "-e".

"veel" can be a determiner, a pronoun or an adverb. In this sentence, "veel" is an adverb, modifying "werk".

Both "veel" and "vele" and also conjunctions of the verb "velen", but that has a completely unrelated meaning.

6 months ago


Why can't we use :Ik werk vele here?

1 year ago

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Because veel is acting as an adverb in this sentence, and adverbs do not get the 'e' added.

Please read CJ Dennis' post, he explains it much better.

6 days ago