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"Él mostró un gran interés por la ciencia."

Translation:He showed a great interest in science.

November 14, 2013



While I understand "great" is the most literal translation, it seems there should be flexibility for other responses that express relative strength or amount. For instance, it would be more natural to say "a big interest" or "a strong interest", at least in my experience.


IME 'great interest' is much more common than 'big interest.' Since Duo is trying to teach the meaning/s of gran/grande, I think they'd use fuerte if they wanted 'strong interest.'


I failed because I wrote "He showed great interest in science". Now I'm not a native english speaker but I thought it was perfectly acceptable.


I'd agree, native speaker of English here, although Duo can be picky about including the articles. Did you report it?


I wasn't 100% sure so I didn't :-/


he showed a large interest for science should be ok too


A lot of interest in science was not accepted either. I agree it's a bit further from the literal translation, but would be commonly heard.


I put "he showed a great interest for science" and it was rejected. I've done a lot of research on the word 'por' and did not find a meaning of 'in'. Now I realize that you should translate for meaning and I can see how 'in science' fits in this translation, but so should 'for science'. 'For science' and 'in science' is the same meaning in this instance. I reported that my translation should be accepted. We'll see if it actually is.


I just did the same thing and got the same result so either they haven't fixed it yet or they don't think it should be fixed.


The audio mispronounces "mostró" and "interés", putting accents on the wrong syllables.


I didn't see how this was supposed be an interest for science in general and wrote "he showed a great interest for the science" thinking of a specific science. But this was not accepted.

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