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Tú son vs Vos sos

I was just completing a general test of my skills across all modules and was asked to translate 'You are a child' to Spanish. I answered 'Tú son un niño' and was told this was incorrect and it should be 'Vos sos un niño' - I am on level 10 and have never seen either of those words; can someone help me??

November 14, 2013



It should be "Tú eres un niño". Remember that the pronoun "tú" uses the verb to be as "eres".

"Vos sos" also means "tú eres", but in Argentinean Spanish.

Duolingo gave you "Vos sos un niño" as a possible answer, but "tú eres" is used in more countries, however, you decide which one to use since they mean the same :)


Thankyou. I find myself struggling mainly where there are different words for the same thing, as English is the opposite isn't it; the same word with multiple meanings.


As a side note, the "vos" form is used in many countries other than Argentina. Also, depending on where you are, and where the "tú" and "vos" coexist, it can be even more informal than using "tú", to the point of being insulting to some people if you are not on very familiar terms with them. To complicate matters even further, the spelling and consequentially the pronunciation of verbs in the "vos" vary between countries.

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