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  5. "O zaman dans etmemiz lazım."

"O zaman dans etmemiz lazım."

Translation:Then we need to dance.

October 19, 2015



For the first time I see " o" as translated " so", instead of he,she it. What is that?


It is "o zaman", which means "at that time" or "then".


Thank you very much. I learn o zaman. :)


I keep saying "o zaman dans" as a punchline in Turkish Cypriot political cartoons. I assume by itself just means "And now we dance", right?


Yes, it could also mean that. Original strip where this phrase originates from is this one; you be the judge.



O.k., why does he say "renk"?

  • Refik, do you think I'm insane?
  • Nah, pal.
  • Then, dance!
  • Color!


Still don't get it. Why "color"? Complete nonsense?


how can express: "at that time" instead of "then", in this sentence?


I think "o zamanda = at that time" and "o zaman = then"


"It is necessary for us to dance at that time"?

I know it doesn't exactly sound like something a human would say but I'm missing a lot of sleep right now - is it wrong?


"then we have/need to dance" also is accepted and makes so much sense to me :)


"Then let's dance" is not accepted - why is it wrong?


that would be "hadi dans edelim"


That's interesting: I did not understand a word of the Turkish sentence (except for “lazım”), just typed what I heard, and it was accepted. Every time I think I considered three or four rules in a sentence it turns out that seven or nine (ten?) rules are needed… I guess I am simply too old to learn a new language. Sorry.


Never feel you are too old to learn a language. Turkish is different in Syntax. That's why it is interesting to learn it. I found a way to think in Turkish: Go the most important information first. Most likely it works. O zaman dans etmemiz lazım: O zaman= it is a "brick", take as it is, meaning "then". dance etemiz= this is the most importat part, the main information. Instead of saying "we dance" in Turkish is we say "we make, do dance", and lazim= it is necessary.

So it makes sense.

Sometimes it is difficult to find out how it is related all these, but here it is easy I think. Turkish is a very mathematical language, but different!

Good luck! :)

PS. It is like doing maths in an inverse way, as it is the reverse Polish notation: 3 4 + in RPN is the usual 3+4. Look at: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Reverse_Polish_notation : )


Actually one is never too old to learn a new language! One only becomes a bit slower


Please persevere. I am (Quite) old too and I consider this learning as a brain gym.


"We should dance this time" why is not right


My Turkish iz very weak but I think "this time" would be "bu zaman".


Why is "We need to dance at that time." wrong


I think in that case the translation would be "O zamanDA dans etmemiz lazım"


For this sentence, I took "O zaman" to mean "In that case" and this was accepted as being correct.

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