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  5. "У вас є тепле пальто?"

"У вас є тепле пальто?"

Translation:Do you have a warm overcoat?

October 19, 2015



Why the form with "have got" and inversion (have you got a.warm coat) is not accepted?


"Have you got..." is such informal (and frankly, ugly) English, especially with the usage of the formal Ukrainian "вас." A better translation would be "Do you have...." The verbs "to have" and "to get" are redundant when used together this way.

If you must use "have you got...," then the familiar Ukrainian should be used. "У тебе є тепле пальто?" Or "Ти маєш тепле пальто?"


Is the English word "tepid" related to the Ukrainian "тепле" (i.e. from the Latin "tepidus")?


Neither is from Latin, but all 3 of those are related, going all the way bay to the Proto-Indo-European *tep.

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