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Shorcuts unavalible

I know to speaking portuguese in a medium level, then I took the shorcut but I made several mistakes in writing, And it run away all my opportunities in every shorcut, in this moment I am in the level 8 and I am too confident to do it again But I never reachive the opportunity, Is there a way to recover may be start from scratch this single language

November 14, 2013



Hey there cristiansotov- it sounds like you're trying to do the shortcut again, and if you already used up all your attempts then you have to go through the lessons. You can reset the language and start all the way from the beginning, but once you do that you're going to lose all your current progress. You can do that in your settings.


Hi, you understand in the right way, I'm trying to do the shorcut again I was bored to do the shorcuts per lesson, I already reset the language and did the last available shorcut and I only gain two lessons more than my original status :(

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