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Spending Lingots...

Acquiring lingots is not motivating for me, I have lots of lingots and not much to do with them. Suggestion: (like you don't have enough to do already) make some little special language lists that we could "buy" with our lingots like "Learn some jokes in German", learn the knitting words so I could knit from a German pattern, make a list of fishing words (because I like to fish) or offer words from other common hobbies; music words, card games/words, sports, dogs/pets, etc. Just a thought, thanks for listening. Vicki

October 19, 2015



Yes, there should be more bonus skills.


Maybe we need a bonus skill factory (ala the incubator) where users can create bonus skills. So as not to take up too much Duolingo staff time, it might have a lower threshold for publication and then be evaluated (and possibly pruned) by the language learners. Useful topics might be fairly specialized areas like hobbies, sports, and certain professions or careers. Users could then select (or buy with lingots) topics of special interest to them.


and it makes perfect sense, since the one who has many lingots, is probably not a fresh beginner and not-fresh-beginners do want special vocabulary....


thats a really good idea and then the person that created that bonus skill could get the lingots but you can't do your own


That's a great idea! Is there a forum for this to persuade to Duolingo?


I totally agree with this! At first it was a motivation that something was out of my reach and I had to be a good boy and work a little to afford it. I put some money on the wager so I could buy one of the bonus skills faster, and this wager also motivated me.

I know more power-ups and practice types probably requires some programming, but I would really want something more to spend my pretend money on. Right now I have everything in the shop and can afford to buy three more progress quizes after I'm done with the one I have waiting.

I'd like more bonus skills, (maybe have some slots for bonus skills even further up the tree so you can only buy more after you've advanced some more). Maybe some bonus skills for interests like sports, cars, music, knitting, cooking, etc.

One feature I'd gladly pay 50 pretend money for is to have the website/app interface in the language I'm learning instead of the language I know.

The timed practice is a fantastic challenge that makes strengthening old skills more fun, and I'd really like more different practice types. Variation makes things extra fun.


I agree about having the website in the language i'm learning - this makes a lot of sense. Why not a switch that allows me to switch into the language of my choice regardless which language I'm learning.


Many Duo users also learn more than one language. Maybe buy the function to change at will, or maybe buy each language separately.

I like the idea with the lingots, and frankly it's one of the features that hooked me at once. The streak, the XP, the Lingots. Too bad the lingots loose their use after a while. At first I actually thought you unlocked more shop items as you progressed the tree. That could have been kind of cool, or?


Ich habe meinen Laptop und mein Handy auf Französisch eingestellt. Dadurch werden bei Webseiten immer diese Sprachvariationen zuerst ausgegeben, auch Suchergebnisse sind auf Französisch. Dazu noch die Gerätebenutzung mit Menüs und allem. Glaub mir, da brauchst du keine Duolingoseite in der Lernsprache mehr.


Great idea! They should also have a casualness course, for like when to your friends and stuff. I was going to give you a Lingot, but it seemed pretty pointless since you didn't know what to do with them, so I just voted up instead.


Well, "Casualness" can be just another word for informal.. Which many languages have versions of words from. So I don't believe it should be a course just for that, if you mean objects and things like that, then I understand.


Yeah, I know. It's just that informal sound too formal, if you know what I mean. Like say it out loud. 'Casualness' sounds more informal/casual than 'informal.' But thanks for pointing it out.


I'd be more than happy to donate Lingots to friends using the app.


I agree the Lingots aren't the most motivating thing but they do have two bonus skills. They have idioms and flirting but I feel like there should be more.


There's Christmas too sometimes I think. I have it from when they released it, and don't know if they bring it back each year


They do, every year on Christmas you can buy it for 15 lingots.


What are you talking about? It costs 30 lingots!!!!!DERR!!!!!!!!!!!!


Last year it was 15... I'll give you some lingots if you need ^^


Full support for this initiative.


That would be good to have things like songs and different activities to buy with your lingots. I asked if you could learn some native things to the language you are learning a few days ago on Help on the Duolingo website


I would buy more technical skills, like flying, driving directions or IT words that are not cloned from English.


Very good idea. That would be cool to learn.


Yes, I feel like the lingots are now not motivating us any more because we already bought everything from the store ! I think some new ideas must be considered for the store. The admins should make some brainstorming and include us on it and then we can make votings for the new ideas generated.


mayb u cud give them away to us poor ones.. :P


You can get lingots easily y'know if you just practice :)


And he already has thirty two of them.


That's the reason why we need this Discussion... =~=


Can I have some? I only have 6!


But you don't need them ;)


just gave you one for the heck of it.


Yes! I think my owl would look a lot better in a banana costume, I'm getting tired of the gold one.


well on my phone in french they have flirting which you could unlock so I guess someone out there hears you !


I agree. The gamification factor gets lost for advanced users. I have spent tons of lingots on interesting posts and comments, and still got thousands of them.


good ideas--in a year of DL, I've accumulated over a thousand lingots, even with taking quizzes and buying stuff from the lingot store--it would be good if there were other things we could use them for. I'd give you a lingot, but it seems redundant...


I totally support this :)


Yes I'd like an interesting way to spend or gift the lingots .. after you've received over 100 there's not much you can do with them.


Gifting lingots would be really fun...but isn't that sort of what giving lingots in forums is?


I think that's a great idea! Have some lingots!


Personally, I love lingots. I'm always bragging about them. Once I tried to chat up a girl in a bar by telling her how big my lingot stash was. But I think she misunderstood as she threw a drink in my face.


Or, a puzzle piece, like in the nintendo 3DS puzzle swap!


I bought the first two bonus skills, and now I have nothing to do with them. Good Idea!


I know it does not solve the Lingots problem (and with the new tree they grow superfast), but I found those Knitting words.


And a simple pattern: http://amigurumi.myblog.de/amigurumi/page/1504230

I will give twenty lingots to the first who finishes it :D


I have to agree an that. Even though I don't have many lingots.


Yes. I believe there should get some more items for purchase in the Lingot Store. I have some suggestions for the Moderators and Admins of Duolingo (pst):

Tell me what you think! o-o


Heart Refill: I personally thought that the Heart Refill power-up was really cool, and also a good idea to bring back.

XP Bottle?: For 10-20(?) Lingots- it could give you (5-)10 XP for you to use IF you need it for a Daily Goal. For example; if your goal is 50 XP per day (like mine), and you only completed 40 XP, the XP Bottle could give you that XP to use at the end of the time limit. NOTE: Can only be bought twice per week or so(?) and only could be used once each day, to conserve the whole week.

Duo's Feather (Feather Gift, etc. Would need new name): This item could give the User a second chance in any exercise they attempt when they get 1 wrong. Now this may seem like a thing to buy multiple times, so I think the price should be (5-)10 Lingots, and could give the User a second chance at a question, not revealing the answer until they choose to.

Let me know what you think!!


I like these ideas did any staf raed it yet?


I agree. I honestly don't get much out of the lingots. I could buy the streak freezes or something but they don't mean much to me. I already bought all the bonus lessons. Jokes would be a good idea. Or translating song lyrics? I'm like an old money duolingo billionaire sitting on a dusty mound of lingots aspiring to spend his fortune on something prosperous.


If you have so much, can you give me a lot? I only have 6!


I must agree. Some more bonus skills will be great. P. S. You said you have mayn lingots, so I give your another one :D


Good idea! I think there should be different topics for the vocabularies. I would love to have something of that sort. BTW If you have too many lingots, consider giving me some :)


This is a great idea. Still not sure why we could "buy" the bonus categories in level (1), but no other level ?


If there were some ebooks which we can buy with lingots, that would be better. Ebooks that will be sorted according to the language one is learning, genre, and difficulty level of the words present in the ebook.

I think that this could be a cool idea!!!

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