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"No tenemos estructura."

Translation:We do not have structure.

5 years ago



Shouldn't it be: "No tenemos una estrucutra." For the translation to be correct?

5 years ago


I agree KarloJulian. It seems Spanish sometimes isn't definite, but it's not fair on the learner at all. Using "una" is obviously good grammar because "a" most certainly means "1" and not some undefined number, and it's a shame this lesson can't at least help out giving BOTH possibilities as correct.

5 years ago


in english the phrase "we do not have structure" would be every bit as correct as "we do not have A structure" but they would mean two different things. for this reason i would expect the "una" to be present in the spanish phrase.

for this reason i think this example is very odd. if the "una" is implied in the spanish phrase it should say so in the dictionary hints because native english speakers are going to translate it as it's written. "we do not have structure" is a perfectly valid english phrase.

5 years ago


English question. Perhaps I have gotten into a bad habit but I usually say "we have no structure" why is this bad grammar?

5 years ago