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"Con chi parlava tua sorella al telefono?"

Translation:Who was your sister talking to on the telephone?

November 14, 2013



"With whom" should be an acceptable answer. I had to change it to "who." (Whom)


"With whom was your sister speaking to on the phone" was accepted 3/2014. A little formal, but correct!


I suspect you are a native speaker, so this comment really isn't for you, but for any non-native who might read this.

Not actually grammatically correct. The words "with" and "to" are fulfilling the same rule here and one of them should be removed. Since "with" and "to" mean the same thing in this context, it would be wrong to say "With whom was your sister speaking with on the phone?"

"With/To whom was your sister speaking on the phone?" is fine, with the second with/to removed. "Who was your sister speaking with/to on the phone?" is grammatically incorrect, but is the way that nearly every English speaker would say this.


I had the same answer


I had "Whom did your sister speak with on the phone?" which I think was correctly marked wrong, but it is still unclear to me why this is.


Chalk it up to another Duo anomaly and try to smile as you move on! ;~) You're not wrong.


I put "To whom was your sister talking on the telephone" and this was marked wrong even though the "With whom" answer below is now accepted. I have reported it.


"who did your sister talk to on the phone?" wouldn't work. I have a gut feeling why. But I'm not happy about it.


'who did your sister speak with on the telephone' was also wrong...


it is wrong because it does not indicate a continuous action but a completed one.


With whom ... is accepted


?….by phone isn,t good?


eve 56: "by phone" isn,t good


"Whom" --- wherever DL allows it to be put in the sentence.


Marked as wrong, - with whom was your sister talking to on the telephone. Seems Duolingo doesn't like good English grammar

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