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  5. "Bunu ve çayı içeriz."

"Bunu ve çayı içeriz."

Translation:We drink this and the tea.

October 19, 2015



Why "Bunu"? Not "Bu" ??? Please explain


I just said it above. When "bu" is a direct object, it will always take the accusative case. Please read the comments before posting and prevent clutter :)


Why could it only be we, doesn't the -iz suffix refer to we, them, and the plural you?


Not at all :) It only refers to "we" actually.

You plural -- (Siz) içersiniz

They -- Onlar içer(ler) or just "içerler."


Why does duolingo insist on having the word "the" before tea. Not just in this sentence, but for everything in this lesson. I thought there was no Turkish equivalent to "the". It marked "We drink this and tea" wrong for me, but the word "the" isn't needed in the sentence. Or am I just tripping?


its not cay, but cayi which means its specific direct object. That means it must be translated with "the." There is a difference between Biz cay iceriz and Biz cayi iceriz. First one is general direct object and is translated with unspecified "(a) tea", while the second one is specific direct object and therefore must have "the tea"


What would be the translation in this sentence please Bu ve çay içeriz Thx


It wouldn't make any sense. "Bu" will always be in the accusative case when it is a direct object :)


Couldn't be "we drink the tea and this"?


These answers are very helpful. Thank you.


Difference between icer ,icersin,icersiniz,icerim,iceriz

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