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  5. "Somos los últimos."

"Somos los últimos."

Translation:We are the last ones.

January 6, 2013



We are the last... Mohicans :)


Sounds a bit post-apocolyptic to me.


Why? Why? My family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Give it two days LOL


We must band together for the good of the human race.


Is simply "We are last," a correct translation?


I think 'We are last' should work as a translation, yes 'Los' is in the sentence and required in spanish, but when you translate to english you translate the meanning of the sentence, whish is "we are last" the definite article is not needed here in English. I will report it and see if they will change it.


I just put "we are last" and it was still wrong....


we are the last survivors. the zombie apocalips has come. get your chainsaws.


This is starting to freak me out...

  1. How many against us?
  2. Your final words
  3. The last seconds
  4. You are not real
  5. Yes, it's true
  6. We are the last ones

Does Duolingo know something I don't? Possibly that I will die soon?


"the knife is useful"


Duo is getting dark! My last sentence was, "Your last words" and now "we are the last ones?" What's next, "death has claimed us all?"


The next one is, "We are coming for you, so make sure you get your affairs in order and say goodbye to your loved ones".


I really want to learn that sentence! xD And with Duolingo, I honestly wouldn't be surprised!


I like ur profile picture! ¡Somós Ultimos!


Sometimes DL wants us to infer the natural English phrase and sometimes it requires a direct translation. As a native English speaker it would be natural to say, "We're last" or "We are last". Apparently, in this instance it required the direct translation.


In English we also make a difference between "last" and "the last". In "We are last." , "last" is an adjective modifying "We" it's job is defined as the predicate adjective. When using "the last", it's job is defined as the predicate nominative. It is used as a noun, because it stands for "the last ones" or in other cases "the last one". Take for example from the Bible "The first shall be last.". In this case, "the first" is used as the subject and stands for "the first one" or "the first ones". I agree that it is more common to say "last" rather than "the last". When "the last" or "the first" is used, there is more emphasis placed on it. "We are last." is a part of every day normal conversation. You win some; you lose some. It is no big deal. "We are the last." is more important, perhaps something will change because of this.


Please explain the difference. I don't know what you mean. Thanks for replying. The first thing that came to me was "We are the last of our kind."


Yes, that is it. What is more, I have since found out that "los ultimos" can also mean "the latest" and "the ultimate" which are two more very different ideas. We are supposed to be able to tell by context, so I wonder if we should test and report to Duolingo. See below for more info.

[deactivated user]

    kind of get it. Just need more examples.


    @ allintolearning

    Objective examples using real grammar (not subjective opinion).

    A hyperlink to dozens of examples of usage of a trusted website.

    Throw in a one hundred and seventy four day streak...

    Add them all up and it equals:


    ¡Muchas gracias amigo!

    [deactivated user]

      keeping this on my bookmark, Thanks.


      I don't get it. I put "We are last" and it said it was wrong. I am a native English speaker and "I am the last" doesn't make sense to me.


      We are the last makes perfect sense in English.

      There were 2000 people of my lineage 10 years ago. Only 15 remain. We are the last.

      We are last doesn't always make sense.

      [deactivated user]


        I think that "We are the last" is perfectly acceptable! The word 'ones' is understood, just as 'I am last' means 'I am the last one'.


        "We are the last" is accepted now.


        Before you are able to talk to people in another language you have to learn words. As a native spanish speaker you have the advantage of having been surrounded by spanish sounds since childhood I suppose. I have been surrounded by german sounds. In our own language we are privileged to distinguish between different ways to talk and we know which words fit for a special situaton and which do not fit. It is different in another language because the other language represents another culture, other ways of thinking etc. By learning another language you have the chance of reflecting your own language.


        Why are we using "nosotros" here instead of "somos"


        yeah, in this sentence "últimos" is a noun not an adjective.


        After a second look, I think "we" is the noun and ultimos modifies we by telling what we are.so it would be an adjective.

        [deactivated user]

          are there other words that "the" is understood to be put in a translation? :(


          What do you mean? “The/los" is stated, not understood.


          this is getting pretty dark


          The two valid translations here should be: We are last. We are the last ones.

          "We are last." should not be flagged as incorrect.


          We are spartans


          I think we are all looking at this wrong. The sentence has "los" so it's actual translation would be "We are the last" but that leaves you hanging, the last what? The last ones. In some cases however, you don't have to say certain words, for example: Go mow the lawn would actually be (You) Go mow the lawn. Or in this case: We are the last in line would actually be, We are the last (ones) in line. Hope this was helpful!

          If not, then down vote this comment to show everyone your discontent!! (Because everybody cares...)


          This is giving me a dystopian society vibe


          i really do not enjoy that this duoling course for spanish is set up in the way where you're translating word for word. that is not the way spanish works! i understand that this is a basic way to learn spanish but at least do it right! for most people that speak spanish, at least in my own experiences with my family, people don't have the best of education and stop going to school as early as 3rd grade. my point with that is that when you speak with a native spanish speaker they will talk to you in a conversational manner, a simple and more basic way to talk. they don't care about the perfect translation! So the fact that "we are last" is incorrect and by force the correct answer is "we are the last ones" is simply not necessary and I feel like this class should be fixed to recognize that when learning a language, it is not necessary at all to translate every single word. this is the way they teach you in school! even my parents have spoken out about this way about learning spanish because what do you achieve with being able to translate words and put them into a sentence when you dont know how to converse in the language?


          Most people that speak Spanish don't have above a 3rd grade education? Hmm, that's interesting. My best friend, whom I speak to in Spanish, has a masters degree. Everyone else I converse with in Spanish I know from my local university. Just because duo doesn't have every single option for every possible translation doesn't make it wrong or useless. There's not an app or class in existence that teaches all possible translations of every phrase. At some point, you need to rely on self-directed study and common sense.


          You're being sarcastic, right?


          Those accents are killing me


          I spelled it right the first time. And it was incorrect


          Wont recognise right answer


          Don't forget me... =-( =-( =-( XD


          Who thinks we should get more trys to say it


          The last of us, will you stick to your morals and die? Or give them up and survive?


          How do I use accents and the tilda??


          Why not "We're last."?

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