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"I see oranges and you see apples."

Translation:Я бачу апельсини, а ти бачиш яблука.

October 19, 2015



It proposed "Я бачу апельсини, так ви бачите яблука." as a multi choice, but said it is not a correct translation, but it is, right? I reported it but just want to make sure.


you can be ти or ви, right?


when do you use" a" vs "i " for the word and?


і can connect words (e.g. "апельсини і яблука" - "oranges and apples") or sentences. а connects only sentences.

і is used in the case where the connected sentences are "agreeing", and а is when they are "contrasting". For example:

Я бачу апельсини і ти бачиш апельсини.

Я бачу апельсини, а ти бачиш яблука.

Я бачу апельсини, а ти не бачиш апельсини.

Due to the feeling of contrast, even though а is a form of "and", it can also be translated as "but".

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