"Jeg har mange intervjuer."

Translation:I have many interviews.

October 19, 2015

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Don't have to rub it on my face.


Can 'et intervju' also refer to a job interview or is there another expression specifically for that?


I think it would be common to use 'et jobbintervju' in that case.

Edit: As grydolva pointed out below, it seems there's a difference between those holding a job interview and those coming for the job interview.


BTW My job is hiring these days, and it seems that those holding the job interview refers to it as solely "an interview". I hadn't really realized until I read this post, but they did say "We have two interviews tomorrow".


I do not find it meaningful to translate norsk to english. Translating from english to nork is much useful. Thats the reason I have not bought the paid version. I just want to learn norsk not English.

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