"Je veux des pâtes sans fromage."

Translation:I want pasta without cheese.

January 6, 2013



Fact: pasta with cheese is better than pasta without it, I wish we could focus on some more realistic sentences.

December 30, 2013

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Some people have bad taste, some are alergic to milk products etc, it's all realistic :) Anyway we don't learn whole sentences, they are here just to practice nouns, verb conjugation, prepositions, articles etc.

January 1, 2014


Sorry, vegans. You must only learn realistic French!

February 7, 2014


Eating pasta without pasta would be living hell for me. I would never say this sentence. But vegans will.

November 8, 2014


How come if one of the possible translations is pastries that it marks " I want some pastries without cheese" wrong in this example?

January 6, 2013


in French "les pâtes" in plural are pasta, nothing else (no pastry, no dough)

January 6, 2013


So "les pâtes" always means pasta and "la pâte" means pastry, so I'm guessing they don't use the term to refer to the final product as we do with pastries, but rather the dough / pastry from which the products are made?

January 7, 2013

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yes, pâte is only the dough, not the final product

December 29, 2013


Shouldn't it be "sans du frommage?"?

February 20, 2014


This is an exception: avec du fromage but sans fromage.

February 20, 2014


What is the exeption exactly? "No articles after word sans"?

January 28, 2015


No partitive article after "sans" is the exception:

  • avec du fromage
  • sans fromage
April 27, 2017


What role does 'des' play here? I translated this as 'I want some pasta without cheese' but apparently that's not right.

February 1, 2013


"des" plays the role of "some", ie, a certain quantity of.

February 2, 2013


I was taught that the polite translation for "Je veux" is "I would like" - but not here apparently.

July 29, 2013


I would like = Je voudrais

December 8, 2013


We're still on the present tense, although 'I would like' is indeed more polite. Je voudrais is the conditional form (I would like). Perhaps we'll get to that later?

January 6, 2014


You are right, both "would like" and "voudrais" are more polite in their conditional form.

However, both are also in present, that is conditional present, whereas "veux/want" are indicative present.

You'll see more of that in next lessons.

January 7, 2014


(1) You were taught wrong, because "I would like" = "Je voudrais," which is used in similar contexts in French.

(2) There is absolutely nothing here that suggests that you need the polite conditional form. "I want pasta without cheese" is not necessarily a request. You may not be asking anyone for pasta. "I want pasta without cheese for dinner tonight, so I don't need to stop by the cheese shop." (An awkward sentence, but the basic concept is that you can state that you want something without needing the conditional for politeness if you're just stating a fact, not making a request. "I want another cup of coffee. Can I get you one while I'm in the kitchen?"

November 13, 2017


”I would like pasta without cheese" should be acceptable, n'est pas?

May 17, 2014


"j'aimerais des pâtes sans fromage" is the exact translation of "I would like...".

They are more polite in both languages, but I think Do would like to make sure you know how to conjugate verbe vouloir "je veux" = I want.

May 17, 2014


Merci, sitesurf. J'aimerais etre correct.

May 23, 2014


shouldn't there be an article before "fromage"?

July 31, 2014


Not when it's «sans».

July 31, 2014


why cant it be 'sans fromages'?

August 12, 2014


"Without cheeses" I mean, that's something you could say, I suppose, but it's not the translation of this sentence, where "cheese" is an uncountable noun.

August 12, 2014


why is there no article before "fromage"?? Is an article not needed after a preposition or is it something else??

December 30, 2015


This is due to the preposition "sans" that drops the article: "avec du fromage" but "sans fromage"

December 30, 2015


How does one say "macaroni" in french?

September 21, 2016



September 22, 2016


Why isnt it translated to some pasta

December 24, 2017


Sans fromage ? Quel dommage !

July 19, 2018
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