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Slow Finnish - Chapter 7a - Tervetuloa

Kaisa ja Yvonne ovat Iisalmessa. Kaisa esittelee perheensä Yvonnelle.

Kaisa: Tämä on isäni Oiva.

Oiva: Tervetuloa ja hauska tutustua.

Yvonne: Kiitos. Hauska tutustua.

Kaisa: Tämä on äitini Pirjo. Ja tässä ovat veljeni Martti ja siskoni Jenni.

Yvonne: Hei. Hauska tutustua.

Pirjo: Kahvi on valmista. Yvonne, toivottavasti pidät pullasta.


  • esitellä to introduce, to present
  • perhe family
  • perheensä (Kaisa's) family
  • Yvonnelle to Yvonne (allative)
  • isä father
  • isäni my father
  • tervetuloa welcome
  • äiti mother
  • äitini my mother
  • tässä here
  • veli brother
  • veljeni my brother
  • sisko sister
  • siskoni my sister
  • kahvi coffee
  • valmis ready
  • valmista ready (partitative)
  • toivottavasti I hope, hopefully
  • pitää like
  • pidät you like
  • pulla https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pulla
  • pullasta (elative)

Harjoitus 1

  • Where are Kaisa and Yvonne?
  • Who are Oiva, Pirjo, Martti and Jenni?
  • How do you say "welcome" in Finnish?
  • What drink is Pirjo offering?
  • What is pulla?

Since today's lesson is Slow Finnish at its slowest, why do you not take a look at Margusta's excellent post on k-p-t gradation: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/11145666

Should you have any questions or comments, please comment below. Here is a link to the previous lessons: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/10579104


October 19, 2015



Yay, a reading lesson! :) Pity that it's a short one. But still appreciated, thank you.

Would Kaisa really introduce her parents by their first names, or is it just for the story? Because I wouldn't, but I guess these things might vary a lot.

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I've never seen anyone in Finland introducing someone, especially in a family, with the surname. This is correct this way as it was written above :)


Yes, this is how it happens :)

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