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[Immersion Bug] : Incorrectly parsed html document, parts of the texts were pulled in twice and repeated.

I think something went wrong with the html parser. It seems to have duplicated and repeated content when it retrieved the text from the web page.

The last paragraph keeps repeating the content already existing in the article. Worse of all it seems to have pulled in the same content in reverse for the last few paragraphs.

Here's the article: http://www.duolingo.com/translation/1155bfd27226be90b642056cbf78bb9f

Can the staff manually edit the document and remove the extra parts?

I could delete it but there are already edited/translated parts.

November 14, 2013



Unfortunately there's no easy way for us to edit this. It's probably best for you to just delete it. I'll look into why this happened for this particular article, though.


Odd, now I got a notification that the document has been revised, after I deleted it...


That's a bug, and should be fixed later today.


Oh, I thought as much, I also got another one later on.

Another odd thing happened regarding the same website, I uploaded another article, and it has put Duobot as the "uploader" rather than me. That greedy bot wants all the credit :).

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