"We are looking for Khreshchatyk Street."

Translation:Ми шукаємо вулицю Хрещатик.

October 19, 2015

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With a flexible word order in Ukrainian I'm guessing that Ми шукаємо Хрещатик Вулицю is also correct?


Хрещатик is the proper name of the street. Whereas in English proper names precede common nouns, in Ukrainian they come after. In English you can't say "Avenue Madison," and in Ukrainian you can't say Хрещатик вулиця.


That's exactly what I was hoping to find out! Take my lingot, please!


No it's not correct. We only say вулиця + name


so 'вулицю Хрещатик' is incorrect?


Why is there no grammatical inflection on Хрещатик?


The main word in the compoud is вулиця, so it's the only one affected.

E.g. if you had a compound "mom's book" - книжка (Nom.) мами (Gen.) - you would only decline книжка but not мами: Я шукаю книжку мами, У мене немає книжки мами.


Here Хрещатик is being used as a name and should actually be in quotation marks (вулиця "Хрещатик"). So, "We went toward Khreshchatyk Street" would be, Ми ішил до вулиці Хрещатик. But if you drop the word "street," Khreshchatyk no longer functions as a name, and declines like any other noun: Ми ішли до Хрещатика. Remember, though, that in the accusative, Хрещатик doesn't change, so Ми шукаємо Хрещатик won't either.


Why do we keep having to use Ми? Wouldn’t the conjugation шукаємо be sufficient? In Czech the My usually only appears at the end of a question. Is Ukrainian the same?


Yes, in Polish and Czech, for example, one can omit the pronoun. Same in Italian and Spanish. But in Ukrainian and Russian we don't do it.

We sometimes do drop pronouns, but it's more in the area of slang and spoken language. We often do it asking "do you want" questions e.g. "Хочеш в кіно?" (two words are skipped, "ти" and "піти").

But otherwise no, we keep the pronouns, unlike Czech :)


Why on earth would we need to specify that khreshchatyk is a street? Who in Kyiv would not know this?


What if there's Khreshchatyk square somewhere in Kyiv?


any suggestions on how I can get my keyboard to be Ukrainian letters.


Add Ukrainian as (keyboard) language in your system settings.

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