"Tiu kirurgo riparis mian kruron."

Translation:That surgeon repaired my leg.

October 19, 2015

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    Can anyone think of an English translation which is more natural than "repaired my leg"? There is probably something that is blindingly obvious, and when I see it, I shall probably kick myself (with my repaired leg, of course)!! "Repaired"in this context just doesn't sound natural, at least in British English.

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    For me, "fixed my leg" sounds more natural.


    I got my answer wrong thanks to autocorrect (changed repaired to required) and said the word I needed was "mended". It wasn't even in the options when I hovered over the word. But you're right, "repaired" sounds off, even with American English.


    Are they ever going to get rid of "repairing" legs


    Is kirurgo originally ĥirurgo?


    Apparently, kirurgo and ĥirurgo both became official Esperanto words in the 8th official addition to the universal dictionary.

    So both are allowed, but it's not the case that ĥirurgo entered the language first and kirurgo came later to replace it.


    It seems to have the same origin as the pre-scientific English word for a doctor/surgeon: chirurgeon.


    How would surgery be then? kirurgaĵo?


    There's operacio for "operation" (which PIV defines as a kirurgia procedo "surgical procedure").


    Just wanted to pause briefly to mention that "kruro" is the ugliest esperanto word I've seen so far. That is all.

    [deactivated user]

      In what sense do you think it is ugly? Its sound? Its look?

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