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"Dobbiamo trovare un nuovo mercato per questi prodotti."

Translation:We must find a new market for these products.

October 19, 2015



why isn't "ought to" right as well?


Doesn't ought express a moral obligation?

If yes, I think it can be good without context. They may have a moral obligation to do that, who knows. In any case, the verb dovere express something you must do and a moral obligation (votare è un dovere).


I'd say ought to is more like dovremmo, dobbiamo is either we have to or we must.


. I believe in English 'ought' is a word that came originally (probably a long time ago) from 'owe' as in an obligation or debt. I thought that dobbiamo came from dovere which can also mean 'to owe'. Not sure how much 'moral' has to do with it in a strict sense. ( I ought to practice more but I may not be morally obligated)

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