The woman is eating with her cook

I was given a multiple choice question where you select all correct translations of "The woman is eating with her cook."

I selected both "Die Frau isst mit ihrer Koch." and "Die Frau isst mit ihrer Köchin."

Since the word "cook" in English does not indicate gender, then the cook could be male or female in German, right? But the website said that the only correct answer was "Die Frau isst mit ihrer Köchin."

Who's right?

January 6, 2013


You missed a grammatical error. "Die Frau isst mit ihrer Koch" is wrong because of "ihrer". It's supposed to be "mit ihrem Koch".

January 6, 2013

Ahh! Declension! Second only to Sauron in its evil! Thanks Christian :)

January 6, 2013
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