"Ist was mit Vater?"

Translation:Is something up with dad?

January 6, 2013

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I translated as "Any problem with dad?"... that looks more or less informal as the original. "was" is the shortening for "etwas", it's strange to see it in a course towards the beginning.


You are spot on, 'was' as in the interrogative noun cannot be placed in this position in a German sentence. But I have heard native speakers use 'was' as a short form of 'etwas', in which case this does make sense. Although I again agree, it is quite strange for this to be in beginners level German...


Perhaps the verb "happen" would be more appropriate in the English translation, as in "what happens with dad?" or even "what's wrong with dad?"


It says is something with dad is wrong.

Although i must say, dad is english for father


For me, it says "is something with dad" is right and "is something with father" is wrong.


That was a weird one. I heard it correctly, but those 4 words don't make sense to me. Aber, alles gut.


I feel "Was ist mit Vater?" is okay. Is that correct?


Was ist mit Vater? - What is with father?

Ist was mit Vater? - Is something with fater?

Means a different thing in both languages.


I put "What is with Father?" and got a correct, but I'm surprised it wasn't written as "Was ist mit Vater"?!


Sounds really weird. If it was "Is something with dad?" shouldn't it then be "Ist etwas mit Vater?" when "was" is often used in the spoken language, right? I understand this like there was just ~something with the dad, maybe not even wrong and stuff. Hm. It's hard when you can't speak German that well yet.


I think its emphasising the point that the question word needn't be at the start of the sentence, that "Ist was mit Vater?" and "Was ist mit Vater?" have the same meaning.

I think that the lack of annunciating the question (there should be a rise in the pitch of speech to denote a question) is much more problematic than the grammar for understanding the sentence.


That is incorrect @jnothman, the question word cannot go in the second place in a german sentence. In this case, 'was' is being used as a short form of 'etwas' making the translation into English: Is something with dad? or: Is something wrong with dad?


I tried "Is what with father?" which is apparently not right, but "What's with father?" apparently is. I don't know whether this is a helpful comment.


I tried "What is it with Father?" and that was wrong. If I wanted to express the German equivalent of Dad or Daddy, I would probably use "Papa."


Why can't it be "Is someone with father?"


'was' in this case is short for 'etwas' i.e. something, someone would be 'jemand'...


I couldn't press the record button.


Although, I also don't understand the real sense of this, I think that it's not the same to ask "is something..." than "what is...", since in the first one; I wouldn't know whether really is something, but in the latter, I could be presumming or even having certainty about the existence of something, though I didn't knew what exactly such thing is.


to type what I thought I heard, I wrote "Isst was mit Vater" (as if someone was eating something, which I realised to be wrong) However they marked me as "correct". Don't think I'm complaining, but it seems a bit mad !!


'What's the matter with father' was not accepted

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