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Thank You to the Turkish Team!

I just returned from 2 1/2 weeks in Turkey, and I just have to extend a huge thank you to the Duolingo Turkish team!

First, it was such a thrill to be able to speak and understand even a limited amount of Turkish. Every time I spoke to someone in Turkish, I would be met first with a look of total surprise and then with big, broad smile. Everyone was eager to teach me new words and phrases. Knowing Turkish added so much to the trip.

On a more serious level, I was especially grateful to know some Turkish when my traveling companion became ill, and we found ourselves at a hospital in Istanbul. Even though the doctors all spoke English, the nurses and support staff did not. Being able to read signs and carry on simple conversations was incredibly useful. (I thought the Health unit was a bit of a drag when I was doing the Turkish lessons on Duolingo, but while sitting in a hospital room I was truly grateful for knowing a few basics.)

October 20, 2015



This is great! I am glad you experienced the same warmth that I have always gotten in Turkey. They always are so excited when foreigners speak to them in Turkish too :)


I like learning the language of the country before traveling. It adds so much value to the trip :) Congrats !


It is incredible, congratulations! You solve many problens with your Turkish, your effort and Duolingo courses make it possible. Tebrikler kaphinga!

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