"Hvem eier et blått glass?"

Translation:Who owns a blue glass?

October 20, 2015

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Ok so, why do we add 2 t's to blå (bla+tt), 1 t to hvit (hvit+t) and none to svart when refering to neuter nouns?


"blåt" would typically be pronounced with long "å"-sound. To "hvit" you cannot add a third "t", so "hvitt" is already fine. "svart" already has to consonants, "rt", at the end, and making that "rtt" would look strange.


Hvit, grå, and blå are the three colors that add two t's when it's neuter. Rosa, oransje, and lilla never change. I don't think svart changes either, but I don't know.


Blått and hvitt, I think it has something to do with words having to end with a double t for a reason I can't remember.

Svart I don't know.


Just out of curiosity. Is there any cultural significance with blue glass cups in Norway? Or is it just a random sentence made up by Duolingo?


I hear Hvem eiér et blått glass, as if the verb is eiére, with stress on the second syllable and a long e


Ya this enunciation sounds funky.. can a native confirm if the tones and everything are being said correctly?

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