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  5. "Uçmak istiyor musun?"

"Uçmak istiyor musun?"

Translation:Do you want to fly?

October 20, 2015



I'm not entirely sure what this sentence means. In Italian there are different words for piloting a plane, riding in a plane and what the plane is actually doing. In English the word "fly" is used for all three. I think I've only seen "uçmak" meaning riding in a plane, so I'm curious if it has either of the other meanings as well.


It can have all three of those meanings. And without context, I'd simply translate the sentence as: "Vuoi volare?" ;p


Isn't the transitive sense of ‘flying a plane’ (as in controlling it) translated with ‘kullanmak’?

I thought ‘uçmak’ was only used for what the passengers or the plane itself are doing.


Can anyone tell me what do we say "are you" and "do you" in turkish. I am very confused


The suffix "-sun" on the word "istiyorsun" means "you".

The word "mu" is like a question mark and it gets added at the end, but before "-sun".

So if "uçmak istiyorsun" means "you want to fly."

Then "uçmak istiyor musun" means "do you want to fly?"


In this sentence, "fly" means "I want to be on air."


I really confused about the meaning of musun is it means Is /Are or Does/Do?? Could u help me?


Neither. Or both. ‘mI’ doesn't have a univocal translation in English, it's an interrogative particle (I want to say verb, but it doesn't always behave as such), it's appended to elements in the sentence to form yes/no questions centred around that element (which means that ‘mIsIn’ can be translated with ‘are (you)?’ when added to an adjective or noun, or with ‘do (you)?’ when following a verb).

In this case, the translation requires ‘do’ because the particle is “questioning” the verb ‘to want’.


In general It's an indicator for a question


Can we use uçmak for psychedelics? Could you for example ask this question when offering lsd?


Does uçmak can also refere to fly likr in a bird flying, a person flying In the air or only for flying in a plane?


My drug dealer asked

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