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I think we need access to a mini-dictionary of modern German colloquialism. I know there are sentences I can't translate correctly because I don't know the "short-cut" speech of the 21st century.

May 28, 2012



That would be very useful. Some can be found at www.dict.cc or in Duden (http://www.duden.de/) or in other sources (Google, for example). One word I had real trouble with was "raabig". Finally I went to the Forum at dict.cc and learned: "Herr Raab hat eine eigene Sendung im deutschen Fernsehen. raabig ist umgangssprachig und demnach > wie bei Raab, nach Raab."


Yes, a little research is often needed, more than any dictionary can give you. I still think about "schlurfig" referring to the scruffy or unkempt nature of the Austrian swing kids. No dictionary can give you that. You have to learn a bit about the cultural references to get those kinds of things. But that's what this is all about, isn't it?


Servus! I think I already saw one of these on the level 1 German which is a bit unkind to starters! It was about Jack Black "Be Kind Rewind" film and the reviewer said something like "The picture is them as Ghostbusters- one of the best bits" as it had something about "the egg"- and there is the common phase in German "that is the yellow of the egg" meaning "that is the best bit" and I know they often drop out the yellow-of bit. I'm only just starting this but as well as just general slang/ phrases, there are going to be regionals too- I'm in Austria not Germany so Obers/ Sahne etc etc. Trackshittaz "Woki mit deim popo", Austria's last entry to Eurovision was particularly special if you line up the lyrics and an English translation. I am expecting that on level 2 now since we get "the egg"! on level one.

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