"Hastanedeki doktorlar çok ciddi."

Translation:The doctors who are in the hospital are very serious.

October 20, 2015

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And how would be: The doctors are very serious at the hospital.


Doktorlar, hastanede(yken) çok ciddidir.


"Hastanedeki doktorlar çok ciddi." Translation: The doctors who are at the hospital are very serious.


"The doctors at the hospital are very serious."

Correct other English answer accepted by Duo.


Why wouldn't "The hospital's doctors are very serious" work here? Thanks!


-ki most normally would form a relative clause :) If you are talking about the doctors that work at a specific hospital, it would be "hastanenin doktorları." This can be any group of doctors at any given hospital. They all could work at various hospitals but have just gathered at one :)


I used in, instead of at and was marked wrong.... This is ridiculous!!!


"The doctors who are at the hospital are very serious" was just accepted for me, and every alternative sentence accepts both "in" and "at." You must have made another mistake, but it is impossible to know without your complete answer.


no one would ever use this sentence in English - "the doctors who are in the hospital are very serious." so the ones who are not there right now are not serious?! In english one would say... The hospital's doctors are serious hospital) , or The doctors of that/this hospital are very serious. ( in the context of speaking about a particular subject


This is precisely how someone would say this Turkish sentence in English if they had a need to. Neither of the sentences you suggest is acceptable because they are not accurate English translations of this sentence.

The sentence discussion is for questions and answers about the sentence, vocabulary, and grammar. Your complaint about the truth or usefulness of the sentence serves no purpose and does not belong here.


Is 'the hospital doctors' acceptable? If not, what would this be in Turkish?


That would be "hastane doktorları" although the phrase "hospital doctor" sounds a little off to me.


You'd have to assign the possession to the object. The Hospital's doctors.


How about 'The hospital doctors'?


Make sure to read the other questions and answers in the discussion before posting. Your question has already been asked and answered.

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