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"Це місце , де ми будемо жити."

Translation:This is the place where we will live.

October 20, 2015



Why not "This place is where we will (shall) live"


Why confuse the student? The whole lesson it kept teaching us that "місце" is "seat", and now all of a sudden it is "place"? This is just bad pedagogy. Have some consistency for Christ's sake.


It can mean both :)

Both translations are accepted as long as they make sense. For example, "Це моє місце" can mean "This is my place" and "This is my seat". "This is the seat where I'm going to live" doesn't make any sense and is not accepted.


But in a train saying "this is my place" (referring to a particular seat) is also acceptable. Therefore accepting "place" in the train exercises rather than only SEAT would make sense and reduce confusion.


Both ARE accepted. Except wait a minute, what would it mean if you say "This is the seat where we will live"? In this exercise "seat" is not accepted. In other ones where it's ambiguous, both are accepted.


yes I agree I had already learnt that it means place - so I got my first answers wrong - then I learnt it means seat - and now we are back to it meaning place - so I correctly guessed that part of the answer to this question... however I still have it wrong because I wrote This place is where we will live. I can cope with місце having two meanings in Ukrainian depending on context.


Why there can't be "we are going to live"? It's a plan for future, isn't it?

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